Your Boss Wants to Know If You’re Gay, but what if You’re Christian?


"Are you gay? The question isn’t taboo in the workplace anymore, for better or worse,” reports Bloomberg in a story out today looking at a new workplace trend in corporate America.

Reporter Jeff Green writes…“JPMorgan Chase & Co.’s human resources department is asking employees for the first time this year if they’d like to disclose their sexual orientation or gender identity. Companies including Facebook Inc., Deutsche Bank AG, IBM Corp. and AT&T Inc. also collect the data. By one measure, nearly half of the largest U.S. businesses—under pressure to be inclusive as they compete for talent—seek to gather information on who on the payroll is homosexual, bisexual or transgender so better benefit plans can be designed and managers can consider diversity enhancing promotions.”

This is based on a workplace concept called voluntary self-identification. Simply put, the only way an employer knows if an employee is part of the LGBT community is if a person tells them

This is really good news if you’re a person of faith! 

Being a Faith Driven Consumer is also a self-identifying characteristic. Think about it. If your faith is important enough to you that it affects the way you live your life, how you see yourself, and your relationship with others—including your coworkers—then it meets the same standard. As such, if your employer is asking whether or not you are gay or part of any other group, the question you need to ask is: “What about whether or not I’m a Christian?”  

Companies have all kinds of resources for distinct groups—and many call them Employee Resource Groups, or ERGs. If they create an ERG for one group, it’s absolutely fair and reasonable that they also create groups for employees who want to participate in something specific related to other identity-driven characteristics not currently included as an ERG option. And this includes faith.    

Does your company offer a faith-based ERG?  

Are you allowed, for example, to have a Bible study at your company? 

Tell us! 

If you work for a company with a faith-driven ERG, we want to support you. And if you don’t, we also want to support you.  

Let’s be #FaithDriven wherever we go—including in our workplaces! 

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